This is a project from ekoD Works to arrange your smartphone, aiming for your better shartphone life.
Created: 2015-

PAP#01 eyeMosaic Bar -iPhone 6/6s case-
You can casually censor your eyes with this mobile mosaic bar.
It's not really comfortable when your friend posts your pictures or when you get tagged on SNS without permission…
It's fun to take group photos, but recently we have to care about privacy around SNS.
That's why we present this new idea item "Portable Pixelization Censor Bar",
so that you can quickly pose and hide your eyes.
Material: Polycarbonate resin Enabled device: iPhone 6/ 6s/ 7 Release: 2015/10 Manufacture: ARTONE MOBILE INTERNATIONAL

Usually it's just a fashionable pixel patterned smartphone case.Quickly shading your eyes, you can instantly censor your face.You can also avoid automatic tagging by facial recognition systems.Gorgeous pearl coatingMidashina Mirror Case adoption model including mirror + IC/SIM card pocketMidashina Mirror Case adoption model including mirror + IC/SIM card pocket

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