Flower blossoming from asphalt - No matter how much humans develop the land, plants live on robustlyFlower blooming from myPhone - Even inside inorganic delicate apparatuses, there is energy to take rootFlower blossoming in receding wilderness - Even in sad and bitter situations, it lives on bravely without being discouragedFlowers in full bloom atop Fuji's peak - Robustness of plants which can transform threatening wild lands into beauty

"For every drop of tear" is a series which depicts plants living on strongly and courageously under harsh circumstances.
It represents a message from plans that says "We must keep on living strongly for every drop of tear even in hardship by finding hope for tomorrow"

Plant Fuji / *Only sold in Japan
A Mount Fuji shaped pot in the motif of "For every drop of tear - Flowers in full bloom atop Fuji's peak". Expressing plants growing by drawing up Mount Fuji's energy in the palm of your hand. Enjoy interior greenery modestly growing in full leaf by displaying as a planter or with artificial flowers.
Material: Semi-porcelain(Seto ware) Made in: Seto city, Aichi Prefecture On sale: October, 2013
Plant Fuji 藍色Plant Fuji 藍色

Plant Fuji + 366 CANDLES / *Only sold in Japan
This product is a candle based on a semi-porcelain motif of Mount Fuji. It expresses Mount Fuji as "An active volcano of beautiful appearance" through a palm sized pot and candle. A candle flame is said to have several different effects, including healing, negative ionization, and odor elimination. This candle combines fragrance oil, so you can enjoy the spreading of a faint fragrance. How about adding color to your relaxation by lighting a small Fuji?
Material: Semi-porcelain, paraffin wax, fragrance oil On sale: November, 2013

This is a candle created as a spinoff product of plant pot "Plant Fuji"Once lighted the white wax will slowly turn red. The outer beauty and inner powerfulness, two of the magnetism of Mount Fuji, is expressed by the effect of hue.Azure candle has an aroma of lavender and roseAzure candle has an aroma of lavender and roseIndigo candle has an aroma of ylang ylangIndigo candle has an aroma of ylang ylangVermillon candle has an aroma of figVermillon candle has an aroma of figBefore use. White wax in the image of fallen snow covers the surfaceAs you light the candle and wax slowly melts... the inside gradually changes to red colored wax

For every drop of tear