Mimic Rompers
"This baby acts strange sometimes... maybe some animal is impersonating him/her."
ekoD Works is embodying this fancy with orginal delusion mapping technology.
It's pretending so cleverly...except the buttock and tail. This is a baby romper based on such a charming idea.
On sale: June, Fox, Bunny, Angel/ 2016, Cat/ 2015

Mimic Rompers/ FOX ver

Mimic Rompers/ Bunny ver

Mimic Rompers/ Angel ver

Mimic Rompers/ CAT ver

Mousou Mapping Collection/ LINEUP

mmc_burst_red_1593up.jpgmmc_burst_red_1593up.jpgMousou Burst T-shirt

mmc_seethrough_1432up.jpgmmc_seethrough_1432up.jpgMousou See-through T-shirt

mmc_muneshiri_1415up.jpgmmc_muneshiri_1415up.jpgMousou Buttocs on chest...

mmc_drop_1358up.jpgmmc_drop_1358up.jpgMousou Drop T-shirt

MousouSplashTee_Blue_2_7283.jpgMousouSplashTee_Blue_2_7283.jpgMousou Splash T-shirt

2WOMENS_IMG_3812.JPG2WOMENS_IMG_3812.JPGMousou Fastener T-shirt

ミミックロンパースBLUEサムネイル.jpgミミックロンパースBLUEサムネイル.jpgMimic Rompers

着衣画像_レディース半袖_赤.jpg着衣画像_レディース半袖_赤.jpgPeek-a-boo T-shirt

01おパンティ_商品イメージ.jpg01おパンティ_商品イメージ.jpgMousou Mappinng Envelope