Karesan Swimming is a new generation swimming competition taking place in a traditional Japanese style garden "Karesansui". Deviating from conventional extravagant style of Japanese gardens, Karesansui uses only pebbles to express the waterside, based on the bare original of the Zen spirit. By arranging a swimmer in this scene, the relationship between water and pebbles is expressed more closely and with humor.
This is a form of modern art which urges the renewed understanding of Japan's lost sense of beauty.

04 出品作品 カレサンスイミング 01-3.jpg04 出品作品 カレサンスイミング 06-3.jpg04 出品作品 カレサンスイミング 03_2.jpgカレサンスイミング正面2_1200800.jpg蓮_太郎賞用パネルサイズ1200800.jpgクジラのダンスat枯山水族館_1200800.jpg

Karesan Swimming