An art product which answers to people's dormant desire of "I want to put a plug up my nose".
Inducing laughter by presenting plugs in different colors, this series also depicts visually the pain which accompanies generating and using electricity. Since 2011, displaying in art fairs and various exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Product launched sales in December 2013.
Created: 2011-

01 TDW2011展示ブース 全景.jpg02TDW2011展示ブース 1.jpg03 TDW2011展示ブース 2.jpg08 TDW2011 会場の様子 5.jpg111113東京アンデパンダン展_01会場全景.jpg

HANAGA TAP -Nose shaped outlet tap- / *Only sold in Japan
2 projections that stick out of the plug, and 2 nose holes that attract... At least once any person would have realized this relationship, and feel the urge to stick a plug up one's nose (whether it be involuntarily or not).
"HANAGA TAP" is a dream product that answers to such people's dormant desire.
On sale: December, 2013