Having "A Chu flower that blossoms here and there" as its concept, this is a production series that depicts a plant with lips "Chu-Lip" and its interaction with people.
The world of Chu-Lip will be illustrated through various approaches, such as illustration, short story, and actual products. Created: 2012- "Chu = Onomatopoeia for kisses in Japanese"

In 2012, a new species of vegetation with lips was discovered. The first ever recorded sketching by discoverer and prominent botanist Professor Kanda.The existence of the Lip Flower species, well known as the "Chu-Lip", made the scientific society in a tumult when reported by Professor Kanda.Professor Kanda's research records. He says the Lip Flower species may possibly exist crossing over the classification of monocotyledon and dicotyledon.Lip Flower species or Chu-Lip found on the roadside."It seems that they construct a win win relationship by mouth to mouth with butterflies" -by KandaGrowth process of the Chu-Lip. Tiny lips can be confirmed from the time of sprouting.Scientific illustration showing the petals and sepals in the center.Kissing habits during the night of a full moon are confirmed.Newly discovered Lip Flower species in resemblance to the Rosaceae Prunus. Why such a various ecosystem of flora is suddenly discovered one after another is a mystery.

Chu-Lip Pot
A blossom of the vegetation with lips "Chu-Lip" in a shape of a pot. Enjoy wondrous days with Chu flowers blossoming here and there. (Chu = Onomatopoeia for kisses in Japanese)
Material: White porcelain (Seto ware) Made in: Seto city, Aichi Prefecture On sale: March, 2013

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