About us

ekoD Works summary
Name: ekoD Works
Representative: Director Fukusawa Takayuki
Location: Tokyo, JAPAN
Established: August 16th, 2012
Businesses: Art-related projects, general production,
      design of furniture and toys, planning and development,
      production, other various design activities,
      and all other business management of the above.
Business principle: Making a world full of “humorous art & design.”
Goal: I hope to continue to create things that make people say, ‘he made another ridiculous thing.’


Fukusawa Takayuki, Director/artist/designer.

1984 Born in Tokyo
2003 Graduated from the Tokyo Municipal Industrial Arts High School, Department of Interior Design
2007 Graudated from the Nihon University College of Art Department of Fine Arts, entered the Housing company.
2012 Established ekoD Works
This youth advocates for “humor + art” and works diligently at daily intrigue through my design work and art work. I try to use making things as an intermediary that uses smiles to connect people to people, and people to things.

2015 : YouFabGlobal Creative Awards 2015 - WINNERS/ FINALISTS
2015 : ZAKKA AWARDS – Living Award
2014:ZAKKA AWARDS – Grand prize
2013:International Illustration Competition of Japan – The highest award
2013:d creators × TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK Award
2012:TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK Young Creator of the Year – Nominate
2012:eco & art Award – Winner
2012:Kawaii + Award – Winner
2011:Zank & Mars in NY Award – First Prize
2010:Poem and Fantasy – Akira Uno Illustration Division

Creative partners

Hase Kohei/ photographer

1987 Born in Tokyo
2006 Graduated from the Nihon University Buzan High School
2010 Graudated from the Nihon University College of Art Department of Photograph
2014:PICTORICO PHOTO CONTEST 2013-2014 - Monochrome award
2014:39th JPS Award - Nominate
2012:APA Award 2012 – Nominate
2012:PICTORICO PHOTO CONTEST 2011 – Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited award
2011:PICTORICO PHOTO CONTEST 2010 – GEKKO award, Nominate
and more.